9 things to do when you’re bored

This week I’ve been a little ill, so I didn’t have anything to do! Here’s what I did throughout that week.
1. Read some blogs. You never know what are you going to find out there! You may just find something that will change your life.
2. Do some DIY.
I have been enjoying knitting. It’s quite easy to learn and you can make some really cute things 🙂
3. Read a book. I think that’s always one of the best options.
4. Listen to a book. If your eyes hurt too much to read, find an e-library and listen to some books. However,  it has a little backside – I personally tend to fall asleep in the middle and not hear half of the story, but hey, you can always relisten.
5. Play some games.
Not necessarily some assassin’s creed or call of duty, but there’s a lot of online games I have been utterly enjoying. For example Cards vs. Humanity (the online version, where you can meet some awesome people). Or you can always find something unique on game jam sites (where people post their game ideas and let you play the very first version).
6. Read news. You know it’s always good to find something that’s going on in the world, not only your country (and always takes around an hour of your life).
7. Scroll through some petition sites.
I had actually forgotten about these, but since yesterday twitter was flooded with Jeremy Clarkson’s suspension news and petition to bring him back, I remembered what a nice feeling it is to sign a petition and feel like you’ve helped to change the world.
8. Pamper yourself. That’s the thing we usually don’t have the time to do, but hey, you could do that now, right?
9. Watch a playthrough. It’s not for everyone, but some of them can be equal to movies.


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