My view on modern art.

This morning I saw a video on why is modern art ugly and how to get back to The Old Masters. The post is here. I feel the urge to share my thoughts. Am I the only one around here, who actually likes modern art? It’s not that at schools they teach you to create modern art and nothing else. Most art schools want you to be able to draw something like impressionists did and only after learning the basics one can start creating modern art. I know some people think it’s improfessional or childish, but people, who can draw (just like every other art student) choose to draw the way they do, because that is the statement they’re making. Also, I don’t understand why a piece of clothing with paint can’t be called art. It’s about sending a message, knowing that art is something that makes you think and changes your view, no matter the form. Also, I want to mention, that the “pretty” art is not there anymore because we have photography and you can find the “pretty” things there (because I guess to some people pretty = realism). We don’t need the realistic paintings anymore. That’s why modern art is the way it is. But that’s just my opinion…

P.S. I’m not saying that the classic art is ugly, cliché or anything like it. It’s just that nowadays we have other form of art for more realistic effect – photography.


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