9 things I wish I had known before planning an event


Around two weeks ago there was a 100 days celebration in our school (celebrating 100 days until seniors graduate). We, the junior class students, needed to do decorations and a little performance. Absurdly, there were actually around 20 people organising all of that, I was one of them. Everything went great and the senior class were happy with what we did, but I think it could have been better and less stressful if we had known these seemingly obvious things :

1. Time flies. You’d think that two months would be enough to do decorations and a little performance, right? Well, it wasn’t for us. I think that half of that time was spent doing nothing and saying we still had a lot of time to do this and that…

2. Boss is needed. Nobody likes to have a boss, who tells everyone what to do and when to do it. But if there is no such person, everyone does what they want and when they want to. Basically, things are not done in time and they will have to be done at the very last minute with tons of stress and other tasks.

3. Stay realistic with decorations. Even though you can think of great things, don’t overestimate your skills and time when thinking about decorations. If you have an idea you like, ask who could and will do it in time.

4. Categorise. If you have enough people, everyone should have their jobs. Create a decorators team, singers, actors, script writers, IT people, photo and video group, etc. That way a particular team can propose ideas and materialise it with a blessing from everyone else.

5. Too much is not good. Don’t involve too many people in any of these categories. Having too many people is just going to make more difficult to make a decision.

6. Sloths need their team too. There’s always that someone, who doesn’t really do anything, only pretend so.These lazy people need to have their own team as well. They might not be too helpful, but if anyone needs a tall person to hold something or some people to create a crowd, you’ve got them in the sloth team.

7. Use democracy. In some tasks you’re going to include a lot of people. I’m talking about things like singing the final song or greeting the seniors, giving gifts and things like that. When deciding what song to choose, how to greet other students, teachers and school staff, even when to do breaks, use democracy. Otherwise, there’s going to be a lot of unhappy people and the last thing you want is needing to cancel everything because of conflicts.

8. Give it all you’ve got. When rehearsing, try to do everything with music, videos and every move you intend to add from the first rehearsal. Avoid phrases like ‘at this point that person should be doing that, but he/she won’t do it now’ or ‘now should be played this song that we don’t have’, but actually do it and if you don’t like it, you’ll see it right away and will still have time to fix it.

9. Harmony is the key. Don’t hesitate to do something, but also don’t put it all on yourself. Always try to keep balance with tasks.

Thank you so much if read, hopefully, you learned from my mistakes 🙂


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