Clones. Would it really be cool to have one?


Today’s post is a task from blogging 101. Again. Basically, it was inspired by today’s prompt on The Daily Post – If you could clone yourself, how would you split up your responsibilities? I, however, raise another question – why would we need them anyway?

Usually, people try to be different. All of us want to be characters with our personal traits and skills. Nobody wants to be treated as a stereotypical person and that is fine, because we really are different. Now, having clones would mean us not being the unique people anymore. There would be many copies of one person. And although it looks like it would be great for each cumberbabe to have a Benedict, the whole fandom would lose its purpose and it would just get boring to be a fangirl. Also, the original person would probably feel a ‘little’ humiliated, I imagine. Furthermore, everyone makes mistakes. It’s nothing new, it’s what we did, do and will do inevitably. Now imagine how many of those would make five copies of that person. The original would probably still be held the one, who’s responsible for all of that or at least one would feel responsibility, just like a teacher feels responsible for the student’s mistakes.

Moving on to some global problems it would cause. First of all, the hunger. Yes, you might argue that learning cloning we would have figured that out, but look at us now – we can genetically change food so that the harvest would be bigger and people in third world countries are still dying of hunger. Secondly, place on Earth. This planet is already crowded and if everyone had clones, this number would at least double. However, this problem might be solved if we discovered another livable planet, but until we haven’t moved there, it’s still an obstacle.

Of course, there are way more cons of having a clone and there are quite a few pros, that I haven’t stated here, which I would like you to share in the comments. However, I believe, that at least at this point, where we as species are today, we do not need clones in our lives. Now go on, have a nice day and enjoy your life.


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