9 things we’ve learned from South Park.

Hello there,

First of all, thank you Another Teenager’s Time Capsule for reminding me that cartoons are actually amazing blog post inspiration, which I had kind of forgotten during this month. Now, let us move on to the list of what does this amazing American TV show – South Park – teach us.(Honestly, I just wanted to share some of the best things I remember from this show)

  1. Don’t piss off people, even if you think they are just messing with you. If you’ve seen Scott Tenorman Must Die episode from season 5, you know that making fun of people can end up with you eating your own parents.
  2. How to do abortion. Now, this is a very useful skill, which South Park taught us in their game The Stick of Truth. As you see, learning how to do it can save your life when trying to prove you’re a real doctor.
  3. The worst costume for Halloween is Adolf Hitler. As seen in Halloween Speacial of season 1, you can see that even looking as a KKK member is better.
  4. Always wear your safety belt when sitting on a toilet. As you can see from The 1st  episode of season 16, it can be deadly, just like it was for Clyde’s mom.
  5. It’s completely logical for a gay man to change his gender and become a lesbian. Just look at Mr. Garrison. Oh, I’m sorry, it’s Mrs. Garrison. But wait.. he is a man now… Anyway, moving on.
  6. Everyone can be a superhero. Just take a look at The Coon, who is of course way more awesome than Mysterion because… reasons. (Season 13)
  7. Kenny never dies. For better or for worse (talking about The Stick of Truth). Just deal with it.
  8. Respect Cartman’s authoritah.
  9. ManBearPig is totally real. I’m super serial.

Hopefully, I reminded you of some of the South Park classics. If you like the show too, please, share your favorite scenes, episodes or catchphrases in the comments bellow. Have a nice day and bye for now!


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