Challenge. To take up or not to take up?

Hi there,

I have searched through our photos, that we’ve taken in several past years. This is one of them. At first it looks quite weird and one doesn’t really know what it is, but when you tilt it, it’s obvious it’s nothing more than stairs. So this got me thinking – maybe some things in life, that look quite tricky, are actually something way less complex. There are a lot of people, who had the same idea, here’s some of them. Firstly, in one of ‘Doctor Who’ episodes, called ‘Listen’, doctor wants to solve the mystery he experienced as a child and it all looks extraterrestrial, but then at the very end we can see that it was just Clara touching his leg. Another one could be most of Sherlock Holmes stories. Take the ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’, for instance. It had very interesting details, but it was nothing but an angry neighbour all along! So, I am not the only one who thinks it all just looks tricky, while it really isn’t. What I wanted to say is – please, stop worrying about how complicated it all looks, but think of what good it can do. Those stairs can lead you into having some unforgettable memories!


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