What to expect from this random shoe


I have done this type of post saying why I started blogging. However, I never mentioned what to expect here or who am I. So here it goes…

You can expect to :

  • Read my ideas. These include thoughts about what I personally enjoy, what stresses me out and what I hate. Maybe you can relate to what I am saying and just maybe we can change the society or at least help each other to deal with these things. May include quite a bit of sarcasm and the spice of internet.
  • Possibly, later on, you’ll see some art or fashion related posts here on shoeonthemoon.

Who I am :

A 17 year old student from Eastern Europe, Lithuania. Probably the most ‘me’ thing to say is – I love internet. For real! I hope you can relate to me when I say I like it more than real life societies. For example, 9gag is a great place where everybody has similar, to some people weird sense of humor, makes fun of many things, but are considerate and caring when it comes to some other topics like animal cruelty, social inequality, etc.

So now, after reading this, hopefully, you have a rough idea about me and my blog. Now go ahead and make it a great day!


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