Story of a regular girl. #3

Taking control of one’s life.

Calanthia stayed in the spaceship for 4 more weeks. During that time she found out more about her ancestors, the ones who inhabited Banicopia. Apparently, they were a nation of guardians. Banicopians used to have special warriors disguised as natives in every planet in the Universe. However, this was hated by other species that wanted to invade the planets, so they started a war. It was lead by drouces, who also disguised as others, just like the Banicopian guards, but their goal was to take over the Universe.

But she was a XXI century woman. She thought it was tales and demanded proof. Later she got them. John was obliged to take Calanthia to his missions where she’d accompany him helping the aliens in different planets. She finally believed it was all true and was ready for the program of remembrance. The UOS tried everything they could, but nothing would help. After weeks of trying they gave up and were going to send Calanthia back to Earth to live her normal life, but she disagreed. She said she saw too much to be able to live the previous life. She made a speech about everything their told and taught her and declared she wanted to join the UOS as a proud Banicopian. After that she was taken to the leader of the organization, Mr. Green, to talk about it. He said he was very happy about her choice, but they couldn’t risk the life of the last Banicopian in dangerous missions and even though Calanthia tried her best to persuade Mr. Green into taking her in, he wouldn’t agree. However, she was allowed to stay at the UOS headquarters with an opportunity to visit her friends in Earth or go back to live there whenever she wanted until they found a way to solve this problem.

She decided to stay at the UOS. She knew none of her friends, neither veronica, nor Joanne, would believe her, so it was useless to talk to them about it, but don’t you dare to think that Calanthia felt alone at the UOS. She had John and Terrence, who were always there to support her and she found some new friends who were also living there because of the same reason she was. There’s Gunter, a Sifarian (looks almost human, but has silver skin and no hair), Dave, a Pectonian (pretty much a centaur) and Kate, a Gevosian (basically, human, but is blue and melts at high temperature, later goes back to her usual shape). She became Calanthia’s best friend since she couldn’t see Joanne and Veronica so often anymore. Actually, she didn’t go back ever since to meet them, only left a note :

 Dear Joanne and Veronica,

I’m okay. I am travelling at the moment, but I will be back. Sorry, I couldn’t say goodbye in person, but you know how much I hate goodbyes.

 Love, Calanthia

She also decided to quit her studies, since she wasn’t really into law anyway. During the time she was there, Calanthia found out that her parents had died in a car crash in Russia. She returned then to the spaceship and realized that although all the goodbyes were really sad, there was nothing holding her back on Earth and she started helping the UOS research team hoping to find a disguised Banicopian society somewhere in the Universe.

To be continued…


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