Story of a regular girl. #2

A life changing meeting.

After all of that Calanthia lived as happily as a student could – studied hard and partied even harder. But a year later the history repeated itself, only this time she could actually make something out of the sound. It was weird phrases in the same mechanic purr voice. She kept hearing things like “You don’t belong here,” or “You will never be one of them.” Again, it was really odd and sometimes it did hurt like hell, but now these sounds were way easier to manage than the first time.

Two weeks had passed when she saw one of the three men. This time Calanthia was jogging in a nearby beach when she noticed a guy wearing a dark coat with warm winter gloves and a scarf. She went to talk to him.

“Hi?” she said.

“Hello,” he answered. Now that she was so close to him she could see his face. It was John. He had nice dark deep eyes to die for and a strong jaw line, “How have you been?” he asked politely.

“Oh, I’m good I guess…”

“You keep hearing things, don’t you?”

“Yes,” she admitted, “but it’s manageable so it’s okay, I don’t need any scans…” she seemed a bit frightened.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to scan you or anything. I hate those things myself! Feels like they see every little cell in your body. Terrifying. Anyway, the reason why I decided to visit you is because I felt like you had a lot of questions…” he was talking to her as if they were old friends.

“Yes, about that…”

“No, no, no. Not yet. If you want the answers you are going to have to go with me to my spaceship.”

“A spaceship?”

“Yes, a spaceship. Are you coming?”

“Um… um… yes, I am, I guess,” she couldn’t believe her ears.

“It’s good you’ve got sneakers on, you are going to need them.”

“But why?”

“Just trust me.”

He actually did look trustworthy and she needed answers. Calanthia just couldn’t live without knowing the truth. So she took his hand and they started running. They were running so fast she felt as if she was flying.

And then Calanthia saw a blue flash. She realized they were in the spaceship. She could not help herself smiling. It was just so incredible. The whole interior was not exactly what you would expect from a spaceship. It was really airy, bright and a bit gothic as well. It also had many interesting decorating solutions – from a goat’s skull with roses all over to a ceiling with hanged hats and shoes.

“Well, what do you think?” John asked.

“What do I think? Well, besides the lovely interior and the fact that I’m in an actual spaceship (Oh, God!), I believe you have some questions to answer,” Calanthia did not forget the reason why she came here.

“Yes, right, ask me whatever you want,” he said it as if he was an encyclopedia.

“First of all, what are drouces?”

“Drouces are a form of life from outer space. They live in different planets disguised as other forms of life. For instance, in Earth they disguise as humans. Sometimes they get into being someone else so much they forget who they actually are,” he explained.

“Okay, but what do they have to do with me, with you… are they your enemies?”

“Enemies? Oh, of course not, we are the Universal Organization of Safety, UOS for short. We protect aliens in the planets they visit to make sure they don’t forget who they actually are without blowing their cover up and also we ensure that civilizations that don’t know about the fact that there are more life forms in universe don’t find out they exist until they find another habited planet. In my case, it’s basically making sure humans don’t find out aliens exist, unless the civilization discovers another planet with different civilization,” he kept talking.

“Why am I being told this then? I mean, we haven’t found the Martians yet.”

“Well, when we scanned you a year ago we found out that you are not actually a human. Your ancestors were from a planet called Banicopia, as far as we know, you are the only one left,” John explained.

“Banicopia? That doesn’t sound familiar at all.”

“It’s okay, we are going to take you through our program of remembrance,” he calmed her.

“Oh, God, are you guys kidding me? Is this a joke?” Calanthia could not believe what was going on.

“It’s okay, you’ll be alright,” John said as he walked her through a lighted Ancient Rome-styled arch.

To be continued…


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