Story of a regular girl. #1

What is wrong with me?

Calanthia was just an ordinary girl. She went to a simple school, had every kind of friends, crushes and enemies and that way she has made her way to university. Calanthia studied law – not what she wanted the most, but it wasn’t too bad. She has always been smart and all, but thing is that she was good at everything so she couldn’t decide. Finally, her parents told her to study law. She couldn’t say no. It would have been useless. So here she was – a regular girl, studying law.

One day when Calanthia was just chatting with her friends at home she heard a strange noise. It was kind of like a cat purring, but way louder and more … mechanic. She rapidly ran outside to see what was going on. She couldn’t see anything. Her friends panicked and kept asking her “What’s going on, Cal? What’s wrong?” Calanthia wasn’t able to talk. All she did was nod, meaning “It’s okay.” Later that night, after Veronica and Joanne left, she heard the noise several times again, tried to detect where the sound was coming from, but every time she would end up being in different parks, far away from her home. She noticed that she could hear the noise only when it was 11 minutes past some kind of hour. Calanthia couldn’t make any sense out of that, so she just went back home and called Joanne.

“Hey, are you busy?” she said.

“No, can’t sleep anymore, everything’s fine?” Joanne replied.

“Yeah, it’s okay, but could you come over?”

“Sure, it’s not that I’m going to get any sleep anyway. I’ll be there in a minute.”


Note : Both girls lived in flats, which were three floors away from each other, so Joanne could actually get there in a minute.

Doorbell rang at Calanthia’s flat. Of course it was Joanne. The girls were talking about the noise that Calanthia hears. She looked at the clock. It was 04:10. “Wait, maybe you’ll hear it too, just concentrate,” she said. A minute later Calanthia could hear the noise even louder than ever, but Joanne said that all she heard was sea outside. And that’s when Cal got a panic attack. “What am I going to do with my life? It’s not that I could just ignore it. I mean, sometimes it’s so loud that it feels like my head is literally exploding…” she couldn’t do anything but complain, she was really sick. The friend tried to calm her down and after several hours she was able get Calanthia to sleep. When she woke up, she felt good, but Joanne was already gone.

The next morning she attended lectures like any other day. By the way, she kind of learned to ignore the sounds, but when it was 11:11 she couldn’t do anything, but scream as if she was possessed. The sounds were so loud that it felt like she was standing next to a hundred moving trains. The professor called ambulance and Calanthia was taken away. They couldn’t find anything wrong with her so the doctors just let her go home. They told her to keep trying to ignore the noise and call them if was too bad. She was just about to leave when one of doctors caught up to her. He gave her some kind of medicine. He said it was still being tested but the tests were near the end and the results were looking good. ‘Whatever you think might help…’ she said.

When Calanthia came back home she saw three men standing in her apartment. She immediately grabbed her phone and started dialing 911. One of the men then said it was okay and they’ll leave just after they talk to her. “Okay, talk,” she said, still holding the phone in her hand.

“You hear a weird sound sometimes, don’t you?” one of them said it as if he was reading her mind.

“Not so creepily, John,” said the other guy in friendly voice, “But yeah, do you?”

“Yes. I do. But it’s okay. Doctors are working on it and they said it would probably go away after some time,” she replied still holding her finger next to call button with 911 dialed in.

“Good, that’s good. It worked,” said John.

“What worked?!!” Calanthia couldn’t understand.

“It’s okay, we know what to do,” said the last one. He looked a bit older than the other two. He took out his phone, held it in front of her for several seconds, repeatedly tapping something on it.

“Is it gone?” Calanthia was very confused about this whole situation.

“Yes, but sometimes, when drouces are around here somewhere you will hear it,” said the friendly one.


“Why do you keep getting us in trouble, Terrence?! You don’t need to know about drouces,” said John.

“But who are you? How did you get in here? What do you mean it worked?“ there was a million more questions in Calanthia’s head.

“Sorry, we really need to go now, I’ll tell you some other time,” said Terrence. The older one was already gone.

John and Terrence jumped out of the window. Calanthia was confused even more. She lived in the 15th floor, but when she looked down, they were not there anymore. “What the heck was that?!” she thought to herself.

To be continued…


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